Sustainable fashion made affordable


Hey friends! 

This year we are excited to announce that we are changing from a retail model to a direct to consumer model! Here’s why we’re making the change:

Over the last year we have become increasingly frustrated with the exclusivity surrounding sustainable clothing. Although many claim that sustainable fashion can be had by all, realistically it can be prohibitively expensive. The base costs that go into sustainable fashion are inherently more expensive due to sourcing costly eco-friendly natural materials and paying people a fair wage for sewing garments. High base costs compounded with retail markups make sustainable fashion inaccessible. 


At Aurorei we believe selling direct to consumers is the key to bringing sustainable fashion to a bigger audience. While we’ll never be as cheap as fast fashion (i.e. H&M or Forever 21), our goal is to bridge the gap between fast fashion and the sustainable fashion industry. By cutting out retailer markups we can sell our goods at half the price without compromising on the quality of our materials or ethical standards.


We are so excited for what this new year holds and for the opportunity to bring sustainable fashion to a slightly larger audience. 

This change is taking effect starting today! Check out our site to see our updated direct to consumer pricing.