Kimono Jacket - Natural Linen

Kimono Jacket - Natural Linen


Our Kimono jacket is made with a Japanese woven linen cotton blend fabric. Linen and cotton are both natural fibers and will develop character over time. With every wash the jacket will become softer and more beautiful.

Wear crisp and structured, or rumpled and casual. A perfectly unfussy look that will develop with your style and life over time.

- Designed & Sewn in San Francisco by hand.

- Fabric hand woven in Japan outside of Osaka.

- Material: Linen Cotton Blend

- Wash: Wash cold, tumble dry

- Model: Model is 5'10" and is wearing the One Size.



One Minus  (Fits sizes 2-8)

One (Fits sizes 4 - 10)

One Plus (Fits sizes 6 - 12)

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