Why Leather & Linen?


Why do we focus on leather and linen here at Aurorei? On the surface leather and linen seem like opposite sides of the fashion spectrum, but they have many of the same natural and amazing properties. One of the things that make leather and linen so unique and cherished as materials is their ability to age beautifully.


As leather matures the material gains history and takes on a unique character all its own. We all know the joy of that leather bag or pair of shoes we’ve owned for years that fits us just right. Linen is much the same!


Not only is linen one of the most durable fabrics (meaning the fibers are long and will not break easily) but it also gains character with age. As linen is worn it molds to the shape of your body. It gets softer and improves in texture and drape as you wear and wash it!

No more wear and tear breaking down your favorite shirt. Your linen tops will actually get better with time. Thats right! Beautifully aged products aren’t just for leather anymore!