Our Story

Aurorei (Ah-roar-ray) — is a line of essentials for conscious consumers. All Aurorei products are made by hand in our Brooklyn, NY studio. We design, pattern, cut, sew, and package all orders direct from our studio to your door. Through being vertically integrated we hope to create and manufacture in as ethical a way as possible.




Our Materials

We are committed to working with only natural and organically sourced materials. All of our fabrics are woven in a 75+ year old antique mill outside of Osaka, Japan. The mill shares our commitment to extreme attention to detail and sustainable manufacturing. 


Our Name

The name Aurorei is a made up word roughly translating to “new companion.” The root words Aurora (nordic for new/dawn) and Rei (Japanese for companion/ghost) not only give our brand its name, but are the main cultures from which we derive our design inspiration. We hope to create design that is multifunctional, multi-gender, and simple to understand, that will truly become a “new companion” for your life.